I’m Yannis Tzortzis.
I Support People and Businesses Define And Achieve Purpose-Driven Goals

I combine my former executive experience, my certified coaching training and the influence of ancient Greek philosophers from my classical studies, to provide you with uniquely designed coaching services. 

Supporting you discover your purpose, define your vision, set your goals, commit to the plan and achieve measurable results! 


My mission is to dedicate myself to supporting as many people and businesses possible, to bridge the gap between intention and action and achieve purpose-driven goals!

Moreover, to assist you unlock and maximize your potential and bring your vision to life.

Always via the most sustainable method, coaching!



Our core values determine how we – as people or businesses – behave and interact with other people and the world around us.

These foundational beliefs, principles and qualities are driving forces in our daily life.

My commitments to you


I am commited to supporting you with objective observation and remarks. Objectivity is vital for effective and impactful decision-making that leads to success 


A good relationship is based on trust. To reinforce it, I always propose utilizing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with my customers prior to our cooperation


Our life is full of variables that we cannot control. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a reliable partner. I am here to provide consistent support throughout our collaboration


We humans have so much in common, and yet we are so different. With this in mind, I adapt my services according to your needs, providing you with custom tailored solutions


Feedback can help us improve, grow and thrive, however only when provided on a respectful, non-judgemental way. My feedback to you is always honest, positive and constructive


One of my biggest goals when coaching is to help people increase their self-awareness. This way you will lead yourself to a position where you can understand what you need in order to achieve your goals


When you are a business owner or a senior executive, sometimes an accountability partner is crucial to your success. I am here to help you increase and then retain your level of commitment until you succeed


The goal of coaching is to support you achieve measurable results on a specific timeline. If you remain committed to your goals and trust yourself and the process, the results will amaze you

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