Sales and Emotional Quotient

Effective Internal Communication (EIC)

Maximizing Sustainability Performance (MSP)​

Boost your Sales with Emotional Intelligence
- SEQ Workshop

Business has changed -and still changing- after the pandemic. People travel less, work remotely, utilize more and more online conference tools for their meetings.

In my experience, maximizing the utilization of emotional intelligence is the key to enhance the effectiveness of your sales and increase winning rates.

As a result, I designed the innovative “Sales and Emotional Quotient” workshop, or SEQ!

Improve your internal communication
- EIC Workshop

Communication is the key for a successful business. However communication is not only external. i.e. only marketing your products and services to your customers.

Effective internal communication can prove to be a significant and in many cases game changing ally for your business.

Consequently, I created the specialized “Effective Internal Communication” workshop, or EIC!

Increase your sustainability performance
- MSP Workshop

Sustainability is a big thing nowadays and that is great!

Consumers are starting to grow their ecological consciousness, get educated on the subject and inquire their favorite brands and businesses about their sustainability performance. This can of course ultimately affect their buying decisions.

In order to support you, I have designed the unique “Maximizing Sustainability Performance workshop”, or MSP in short!

What people say about me

"If you are in sales, you can understand that it can really affect your life on many levels. Yannis helped me become more resilient and remap my behavior, especially in regards to my reactions when not so pleasent events take place (in sales such events happen a lot). It is game- and life-changing"
George K.
Sales Manager
“When I started my own online tutoring business, I got overwhelmed. Yannis helped me put my thoughts in order and design a plan I could commit to. What I really liked is that he has been providing feedback on a way that made me feel actually comfortable and motivated me”
Marianthi L.
Business Owner
"Working with Yannis has been eye-opening. I was a bit hesitant at first, but he quickly made me feel comfortable. Looking back, I can't believe that everything I needed was right in front of me. Yannis helped me clarify my vision for tomorrow and prepare my actions for today. Thanks Yannis"
Mike S.

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